Tiscali buys Wanadoo Belgium

Wanadoo, the internet arm of France Télécom, has sold its Belgium subsidiary for €9.5m (£6.3m) to pan-European internet service...

Wanadoo, the internet arm of France T él écom, has sold its Belgium subsidiary for €9.5m (£6.3m) to pan-European internet service provider (ISP) Tiscali.

Wanadoo Belgium has about 85,000 users, of whom 25,000 are asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) customers. Last year, the Belgian ISP reported sales of about €13m (£8.6m). Exisiting customers will be re-addressed to Tiscali's IP network.

Tiscali hopes to develop significant economies of scale through the acquisition, which will make it Belgium's second-largest ISP.

Last week, Tiscali announced the takeover of Airtelnet, Vodafone Group's Spanish ISP for €9.86m (£6.5m)  to expand in Spain.

Tiscali claims it has seven million users in Europe. By comparison, Wanadoo has 8.5 million users, while T-Online International remains Europe's largest ISP with 12.2 million users.

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