Oracleworld: Red Hat to use Oracle's cluster software

Red Hat is to include Oracle's Cluster File System (OCFS) in future releases of Red Hat Advanced Server. Adding this technology,...

Red Hat is to include Oracle's Cluster File System (OCFS) in future releases of Red Hat Advanced Server. Adding this technology, which can make numerous servers run as one, could give Red Hat a boost in data centres and attract new types of customers.

Red Hat executive vice-president of engineering Paul Cormier believed the technology may pave the way for some high-end features in Red Hat's OS.

"This is a proof point of Linux and Red Hat's ability to drive Linux into the enterprise," he said.

Linux backers are working to strengthen the OS and bring it closer to competing with the proprietary versions of Unix that dominate data centres. Adding a clustered file system into Red Hat Linux is another step toward this larger goal.

By early 2003, when OCFS is integrated into Red Hat Advanced Server, users will be able to run a database across a number of servers but have the software appear as if it is running on a single system. This will allow users to buy relatively low-cost servers, link them together and have the "virtual computer" act like a more expensive SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) system, Cormier said.

However, there are still limitations as to how Linux and OCFS scale across a number of servers.

"Initially, we will probably be running on around four to eight servers," Cormier said. "But that is just the beginning for us. We can push well beyond that in a short period of time."

Companies such as PolyServe have been building clustered file systems for Linux for some time, but Cormier claimed that open-source technology such as OCFS will enjoy more success among the Linux community.

Red Hat is also developing its own "generic" clustered file system that could appear next year. This will be part of a larger campaign at the company to create more management software for large-scale networks.

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