Informatica pushes analytics for supply chain

Informatica has boosted its business intelligence (BI) offering with partnerships designed to allow companies to streamline...

Informatica has boosted its business intelligence (BI) offering with partnerships designed to allow companies to streamline supply-chain operations via analytics.

The BI vendor announced that Cap Gemini Ernst & Young has selected the Informatica Warehouse for Strategic Sourcing Analysis as a core component of its new chief procurement officer solution set designed to help companies lower procurement costs and increase supplier performance.

Informatica also announced an OEM agreement with i2 Technologies for its supply chain warehouse and its PowerAnalyzer BI platform. Both analytics solutions will become core components of i2's platform for supply chain management.

Both announcements were made at the Informatica World 2002 user conference in New Orleans.

The deals reflect the growing trend of enterprises demanding more visibility into their overall spending on direct and indirect materials, said Sanjay Poonen, vice-president of worldwide marketing at Informatica.

While many companies may have leapt on the business-to-business bandwagon in recent months by installing e-procurement systems, they may now have found that they could not find ways exploit lower transactional costs via e-procurement.

"Spend management is a very easy way to cut costs, [but] you can't do spend management without first knowing where you're spending," Poonen said.

"That is an analytic function. People start with a dashboard and go through a guided analysis. That allows them to make that supplier rationalisation choices."

Informatica's strategic sourcing analytics is a complete data integration and data warehousing solution designed to provide visibility into spend by suppliers, commodities, and business units. Chief procurement officers can use the solution to reduce material and service expenses by consolidating spend across the enterprise and reducing their supply base. The application also includes supplier scorecards to track on-time delivery rates and product-quality metrics for improving suppliers' performance.

Under the agreement with i2 Technologies, i2 is also authorised to resell the entire suite of Informatica applications to its customers. With this new agreement, Informatica's analytics software family becomes a standard component of i2's core infrastructure, designed to help customers gain visibility across i2 applications and improve decision-making with data integration, data warehousing and BI capabilities.

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