aligns with Eloqua and lead generation vendor Eloqua have unveiled a partnership to deliver tightly integrated CRM and digital... and lead generation vendor Eloqua have unveiled a partnership to deliver tightly integrated CRM and digital marketing analytic applications that boost sales via enhanced communication with potential buyers.

The two companies have integrated their technology platforms to provide users with a hosted offering for real-time, one-click access via Web services to the advanced lead generation, qualification and prospect monitoring capabilities of Eloqua's e-mail lead generation module.

Without leaving the application, enterprise users can monitor specific content that prospects are viewing on a company Web site, assess predictive behaviours in real time and evaluate an individual's intent to buy.

"[Enterprises] are trying to put together a 360-degree view of the customer across the enterprise," said Steven Woods, chief technical officer at Eloqua.

"You've got the contact information maintained in the CRM system. Eloqua is focused on creating and monitoring all the digital touch points in the sales prospects. As people come to the Web site, you tie that CRM record with that Web site record. Then you put the relevant sales information back into the CRM system automatically," Woods added.

Enterprise CRM buyers are intensifying their emphasis on return on investment, which is driving the popularity of the ASP model with its low-cost, no-software approach, said Denis Pombriant, an analyst at Aberdeen Group.

Both of these trends are positive for and Eloqua as they come to market with a unique sales effectiveness solution that promises relatively low costs and fast implementation to boost ROI, Pombriant said.

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