Tibco details its BAM vision

Tibco Software outlined a strategy for serving up real-time enterprise information to help companies make better business...

Tibco Software outlined a strategy for serving up real-time enterprise information to help companies make better business decisions, following its acquisition of business activity monitoring (BAM) player Praja.

Integration giant Tibco acquired the BAM pure-play company in September paying between $5m (£3.2m) and $6m.

Praja's technology is aimed at the business user and enables enterprises to capture, manage and monitor the performance of business processes as they occur, as well as to peer back into historical data to identify patterns and information gaps and draw comparisons, said Meyer.

"Praja [technology] personalises information in a contextual way, telling you what you need to know at a particular place in time," said Meyer.

"When you understand what it's telling you about how your processes are running, you can apply new business rules or identify patterns that allow you to think about new things that you haven't done before."

Characterised by a dashboard-style user interface, Praja software can, for example, alert business analysts that online orders have slowed during what is normally a peak time each week. Then, by culling and integrating information from systems, the software can help identify what may be causing the lull on the technology side. It can also provide a historical look back at how the problem was handled the last 10 times it happened to help drive an informed response by the business analyst.

Over the next six weeks, Tibco will roll out a stand alone version of Praja's software called Business Factor. The company then plans to incorporate Business Factor across its product line of EAI, portal and B2B integration software.

Integration technology specialists such as Tibco - as well as business intelligence and enterprise applications vendors - are the natural leaders to drive BAM into the marketplace, because their software touches all points in the enterprise, said David McCoy, an analyst with Gartner.

By acquiring Praja, Tibco has found a way to bring meaning to the reams of data that flow through its integration server and messaging platform, he said.

Other integration companies are working on BAM, including IBM with its recent acquisition of business process automation company Holosofx, and webMethods, which signed a deal with data warehousing giant Informatica in July.

BAM pure-plays, such as Praja, will become increasingly ripe for acquisition as the concept gains more traction in the next two to four years, McCoy said.

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