HP ships Red Hat with Linux Itanium 2 workstations

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has begun selling a pair of workstations that use Intel's Itanium 2 processors and run a version of Red...

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has begun selling a pair of workstations that use Intel's Itanium 2 processors and run a version of Red Hat's enterprise Linux operating system.

HP and Red Hat teamed up in June to create a version of Red Hat's Advanced Server OS tailored to HP's line of Itanium 2 systems, which went on sale in July. A promotion now posted on HP's Web site offers its two Itanium 2 workstations, the single-processor zx2000 and duel-processor zx6000, loaded with Red Hat's Linux Advanced Workstation. Both use a 900MHz Itanium 2 chip and pricing for the zx2000 starts at S$3,991 (£2,597), while the zx6000 bundle starts at $7,851 (£5,109). The discounted pricing is scheduled to last until 18 October.

Advanced Workstation is Red Hat's 64-bit version of its Advanced Server operating system software, an enterprise-focused operating system released in March and bolstered with features such as clustering and load-balancing technology. It replaces Red Hat's earlier 64-bit offering, an Itanium-compatible version of its Red Hat Linux 7.2 software that went on sale in January but has recently been discontinued.

"I don't think the Itanium ever took off in its original release," said Red Hat vice-president of marketing Mark de Visser, regarding the quick demise of Red Hat 7.2 for Itanium.

Now that Red Hat has Advanced Server available, it is focusing on this product for enterprise deployments, he said, noting that much of the work that went into the initial Itanium-compatible versions of Red Hat's software has been recycled into Advanced Workstation.

In related news, HP has added a new server to its ProLiant line and upgraded two existing servers. The new ProLiant ML310 is aimed at small businesses and branch offices. The first ProLiant server to use an Intel Pentium 4 processor, the ML310 starts at $1,199 with 128Mbytes of memory and a 40Gbyte hard drive.

HP has also released third-generation models of its ProLiant ML350 and ML370 servers, both based on Intel's Xeon processors and available in rack and tower versions. Previous versions of the ML350 and ML370 used Intel's Pentium III chips. Pricing for the new ML350 starts at $1,849 (tower) and $2,099 (rack), while ML370 pricing starts at $2,709 (tower) and $3,009 (rack).

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