Novell offers cheaper licence for Web services

Novell has announced discount licence pricing for businesses and government agencies that use Novell's software to provide Web...

Novell has announced discount licence pricing for businesses and government agencies that use Novell's software to provide Web services to customers and citizens.

The new licence pricing structure will make Web services, including accessing bank accounts or government records, more affordable according to Novell. New pricing categories recognise that Web-based systems have many different types of users and that those users are different from employees, therefore the price of the licence should be different, said Novell spokesman Bruce Lowry.

Novell's licence price is based on the number of individual users of a software service, as opposed to the number of computing devices connected to the network. This model allows companies and government agencies to avoid buying separate licences for each PC, PDA or other device that a single user may use.

Companies and government agencies should not have to pay for software licences as if everyone who accessed the software were an employee, Lowry said. A customer might glance at an online catalogue once, for example, or a taxpayer might want to see his tax return only once a year, while employees use software much more intensely, he explained.

Novell's new business-to-consumer user licence price for Web services software is 25% of the standard user licence, while the government-to-citizen user licence is 10% of the standard price, Lowry said. Until now businesses and agencies paid the same licence price for customers and citizens as they pay for their employee software licences.

Novell expects its NetMail e-mail application and its secure identity management suite, including the authentication component iChain, to be particularly attractive under the new pricing scheme, Lowry said.

Novell's standard user licence remains the licence that companies and governments must choose for employees and suppliers.

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