Adonix adds Web access features to ERP suite

ERP software vendor Adonix has updated its X3 midmarket enterprise resource planning application so that it can be accessed...

ERP software vendor Adonix has updated its X3 midmarket enterprise resource planning application so that it can be accessed through a Web browser from any PC.

X3, first released in 1999, includes manufacturing, distribution, CRM, warehouse management and accounting features. The software runs on Unix and Windows operating systems, works with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, and is targeted at companies with annual revenue between $20m-$500m.

Adonix hopes to offer 70-75% of the functionality of an ERP package from a Tier 1 vendor such as SAP or Oracle at a "much, much lower cost," Alex Attal, chief executive of Adonix's North American operations, said. The market for ERP software for small and mid-size companies is attracting increased attention from major vendors, including Microsoft, which recently bought Danish developer Navision as part of its ERP software development efforts.

X3 version 1.34 has no new modules or features beyond those included in X3 version 1.3, released earlier this year, but includes the Web functionality Adonix has been working towards for nearly two years, Attal said. This allows customers to tap into X3 either through a locally installed version of the software or through a Web browser on a remote PC. This reduces costs by eliminating the need to run and update multiple local copies of X3, according to Adonix.

Version 1.3, which added a CRM module to the X3 software suite, was a major upgrade and should have been renamed Version 2.0, Attal said. The new Web functionality was intended for introduction in that version, but Adonix decided to spend a few additional months testing the Web-native release, he said.

Adonix X3 carries a one-time licence fee of $3,500 per user, with installation and services costs running at one to two times the total licensing fee, Attal said. A maintenance and upgrade plan is available for an additional annual fee of 15% of the total licensing cost.

X3 is currently used by around 500 customers, most located in France, supporting from five to 180 employees.

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