Neoteris boosts IVE app support

Neoteris has taken the wraps off the latest version of its Instant Virtual Extranet appliance (IVE), which adds support for...

Neoteris has taken the wraps off the latest version of its Instant Virtual Extranet appliance (IVE), which adds support for terminal applications such as Telnet, native support for messaging programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes and access to Web-enabled applications that use Java clients to run.

IVE is designed to be an alternative to virtual private networks (VPN) for companies that do not want to install the software and manage the configuration and administration of a VPN, said Jason Matlof, director of marketing at Neoteris.

The IVE box can replace a VPN by acting as a proxy server and granting authorised users access to their files, shared folders and applications via a standard Web browser, Matlof said.

The box is placed between the corporate network and the Internet and receives all user requests for file, share and Web-enabled applications. It then routes those requests to the proper systems and returns the data to the user through the Web browser. Because the application uses a browser, there is no need to install a client on the remote PCs, Matlof said.

Version 2.0 of IVE adds support for a host of new applications, Matlof said. The device now offers support for the client-server applications Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, he said.

IVE 2.0 allows the clients sitting on the remote PC to access information stored in Outlook or Notes servers by tricking the local client into thinking it's talking to the server when in fact it's only talking to a local Java applet, Matlof said.

The applet then send the requests to the IVE box, which relays them to the Outlook or Notes servers and sends them back to the client, he said.

There is also a Web front-end that simulates terminal applications such as Telnet and SSH (Secure Shell), that allows users remote access to Unix servers and other devices accessible via those applications.

Support for Web-enabled applications that use Java applets has also been expanded in IVE 2.0, allowing the box to offer access to applications from companies such as Oracle and SAP.

Further improvements in the new version of the product include support for client-side PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and digital certificates and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) reporting, among other things, he said.

With the latest version of IVE, Neoteris is set to steal market share and customers away from traditional VPNs because it is easy to use, said Galen Schreck, an analyst at Forrester Research.

"They're going to have a lot of success (in the remote access market)," he said.

A key component of that success will be the support for client-server applications such as Outlook and Notes, Schreck said. Giving users the ability to use the standard client for those programs, rather than forcing them to a Web version, will make life easier for users, he said. Neoteris should look to add support for even more client-server applications, he added.

IVE 2.0 will be available worldwide on 7 June.

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