CA World: eTrust records every move you make

In a move to tighten corporate security measures against internal threats and outside breaches, Computer Associates has launched...

In a move to tighten corporate security measures against internal threats and outside breaches, Computer Associates has launched eTrust 20/20, its new security tool.

The product is designed to integrate physical and electronic access record keeping via a sophisticated 3D user interface.

Demonstrated by CA president and chief executive Sanjay Kumar at CA World, eTrust 20/20 offers a visual "playback" feature that allows administrators to aggregate an employee's complete log list of access-point activity, whereabouts, and chronological journey through a corporate structure and network.

The graphical reporting tool employs CA's predictive Neugents and rules-based Aion technology to cross-examine a user's day-to-day behaviour with preset polices to determine whether suspicious events are occurring or should be looked into, Kumar said.

"[eTrust 20/20] applies intelligence and rules to figure out what's right and what's wrong with certain types of access," Kumar said. "We then can visualise normal [or abnormal] behaviour."

Set for customer testing by late summer and general release later this year, eTrust 20/20 will be available only as a subscription-based product. This is a new licensing model for the software giant. Pricing will be based on the number of employees and input feeds a customer is running.

To assist customers with rule building and geographical mapping of a corporate facility and infrastructure, eTrust 20/20 comes with an on-site engineer for the first 90 days of the subscription followed by one week every month thereafter.

Another consideration, Kumar added, was to enable the security product to deflect any type of hacks or misuse of stored data to alter the outcome of eTrust 20/20's scanning and intelligence capabilities.

Kumar said the service contains a "double footprint," or forensics feature, to protect and compare against tampering of the securely stored user data. In the future CA intends to consider physical access video feed integration for heightening eTrust 20/20's forensic muscle.

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