Storigen acts to stand out from NAS Pack

Storigen Systems today (22 April) introduced its latest twist on network attached storage (NAS) technology with its new line of...

Storigen Systems today (22 April) introduced its latest twist on network attached storage (NAS) technology with its new line of Edge Storage servers.

The company's Distributed Area Network concept takes data files, particularly large ones, and tees them up closer to end users, explained Rick Gillett, Storigen's chief technology officer.

"We're trying to push data close enough to the end user so they can get the experience they want and also so the LAN costs are minimised," said Gillett.

The five new Edge Storage servers from Storigen are each designed to accommodate a specific workgroup capacity from entry-level through to data centre environments. Compatible with standard Ethernet protocols, the Edge Storage servers drop right in to a company's IP network and are managed through a central console running Storigen's Edge Storage Manager software.

A three-node Edge Storage server system using the entry-level Edge Storage server ES500 starts for under $25,000 (£17,280) and delivers at least 180Gbytes of storage running at 80Mbps, according to Storigen.

"We're targeting big, distributed enterprises that have large-scale physical presence and lots of individuals who need access to information," said Gillett. Examples would include companies that continually move large PDF file repositories, or other data-heavy files used within collaborative workgroups and e-learning environments, he said.

Storigen's NAS product line-up makes the company part of the current industry-wide revolution in NAS thinking driven by similar storage startups such as Scale Eight, Z-Force, Zambeel, and BlueArc. However Gillett sets the company apart from the rest of the "NAS Pack".

"Relative to NAS, we are far more general in our thinking about information. We cache, we stream, we Web serve, we file serve, your choice," said Gillett. "There are NAS capabilities in our products but we took the tack that there are information access needs that users have and the way in which that information is accessed changes."

The booming market for new NAS-style products such as Storigen's has been fertilised by the number of NT servers that have popped up in networks over the last few years, said Steve Duplessie, a senior analyst with the Enterprise Storage Group. Of those new NT servers, 70% are used for file serving, and because 65% of all NAS technology is file-oriented the drive to innovate with NAS is on, said Duplessie.

The Storigen ES500 with 60Gbytes of storage starts at $6,000, the ES1000 with 150Gbytes of storage starts at $14,000, the ES3000 with 300Gbytes of storage starts at $26,000, the ES6000-HC (high capacity) with 1,280Gbytes of storage starts at $60,000, and the ES6000-HP (high-performance) with 584Gbytes of SCSI-based storage also starts at $60,000.

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