InPhase moves to holographic storage

Storage vendor InPhase Technologies will demonstrate a holographic storage system at the National Association of Broadcasters...

Storage vendor InPhase Technologies will demonstrate a holographic storage system at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas next month.

InPhase will show off its Tapestry holographic video recording system, a video storage device based on holographic storage technology that could come to market by late 2003. Storage capacities on the initial wave of write-once Tapestry disks are expected to reach 100Gbytes, with data transfer rates as fast as 20Mbps, according to InPhase representatives.

Tapestry is targeted at companies running professional video applications that require large amounts of storage with fast transfer rates.

Unlike conventional storage disks that have data written in tracks across their surface, holographic storage recorders write across the entire body of the disk, creating richer paths to draw data from, thus adding capacity and throughput, according to InPhase.

Holographic storage harks back to a similar effort two years ago from New York-based C3D which attempted to create momentum for its Fluorescent Multi-Layer Card which promised 10Gbytes on a credit card-sized disk.

C3D products still have not arrived, and Jon Toigo, an independent industry consultant believes it will take some considerable time before any "exotic" storage system takes hold in the market.

"It still takes about eight guys in lab coats and about a week's worth of work to demo" an exotic storage system like holographic, Toigo said. "I don't see the technology ready for prime time yet, although it's certainly been a golden dream since the Kennedy administration."

"All the exotics - holographic storage, or perpendicular storage, near field recording, optical or heat assisted storage - and another half a dozen different ideas out there for going past the capacity limitation of magnetic drives, they are all at least a decade out," he said.

The National Association of Broadcasters trade show runs 8-10 April in Las Vegas, USA.

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