Novell unveils software to bring its Net services vision a step closer to reality

Novell previewed a raft of products to support its One Net Web services vision at the Brainshare user convention in Salt Lake...

Novell previewed a raft of products to support its One Net Web services vision at the Brainshare user convention in Salt Lake City last week, writes Antony Adshead.

In his keynote speech, Novell's vice-chairman Chris Stone said the company's aim is to combine end-to-end professional services with cross-platform Web services software to deliver solutions that make Novell's vision of consolidating organisations' diverse networks into its One Net infrastructure a reality inside, outside and between organisations.

New products unveiled to support the One Net approach included Workspace, a Web-based teamworking solution; Zenworks Synergy, which provides content to employees on a range of devices; a new version of eDirectory with additional security and management functions; a User Provisioning roadmap; and BPM for Government, a business process management platform.

Workspace is a type of portal that gives members of development teams personalised views of project materials based on their role. It includes a central online location in which to store work in progress and notes. A key benefit of the system is that it allows the status of all parts of a project to be easily viewed by managers.

Zenworks Synergy delivers applications and data to users across a variety of formats. The product is a combination of existing Novell products designed for client-server, thin client and Web-based application delivery. It uses eDirectory to manage access and content.

BPM for Government was developed in conjunction with e-Work from Metastorm. It is designed to automate internal procedures and citizen enquiries in public sector organisations.

The software includes pre-built business processes and process automation. Common citizen requests have been modelled and the system can route these via telephone, e-mail or the Web. Tools in the package allow processes to be modelled by non-technical staff.

The User Provisioning solution automates the job of ensuring that all users have access to the correct information and applications. In the case of end-users, for example, network management, HR and e-mail systems are linked so that changes are registered in all areas where access is needed. Later this year, Novell will release a version of the software aimed at provisioning for customers and students.

The version 8.7 update of eDirectory is a public beta. It has support for Web-based and wireless directory administration as well as the Web services standard UDDI.

What is One Net?
On its Web site Novell says, "We envision a world in which all types of networks - intranets, the Internet and extranets, corporate and public, wired to wireless - work together as 'one net' to simplify the complexities of e-business."

One Net services are delivered through software products and turnkey server appliances that are purchased and managed by user companies or hosted by network service providers. The products are modular and can work across all the main platforms and operating environments.

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