EDS enhances virtual design tool

Electronic Data Systems' (EDS) has announced upgrades to its virtual prototyping product, Vis Concept.

Electronic Data Systems' (EDS) has announced upgrades to its virtual prototyping product, Vis Concept.

EDS said that it has improved the product's performance and speed, and added a handful of features to enhance the creation and display of product prototypes.

Vis Concept is aimed mainly at designers and engineers involved in product development in the motoring, aerospace, military and heavy-equipment industries. Vis Concept lets users create digital, interactive, photo-realistic, two-dimensional and three-dimensional product prototypes.

Creating a virtual prototype reduces the number of physical prototypes a company must make during a product development cycle. Companies can use Vis Concept, companies to refine the product design using a virtual prototype and spend less time and money creating physical prototypes, EDS claims.

Enhancements to this latest version of the product include:
  • Support for multiple combinations of environments and textures that can be applied to the prototype, thus improving the virtual experience;

  • A new capability of rendering rough surfaces on the prototype;

  • The ability to add three-dimensional text to the display;

  • The ability to add previously-recorded video to the display;

  • An improved support for the use of sound in conjunction with the display, allowing, for example, for the sound of a car door closing, synchronized with that action in the display.

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