Mercury launches online application tuner

Enterprise testing vendor Mercury Interactive has launched a new service designed to tune the performance of live applications.

Enterprise testing vendor Mercury Interactive has launched a new service designed to tune the performance of live applications.

ActiveTune hones each component of a live production system's architecture to optimise the performance of infrastructure, application, and security components, according to Mercury Interactive.

The ActiveTune service can be administered remotely via the Internet or onsite through Mercury Interactive consultants.

Although an application may perform well in the test lab, the live production environment introduces multiple factors that could negatively impact performance, said David Gehringer, director of product marketing at Mercury Interactive.

"[Lab testing] is good to predict application performance in an ideal situation in a simple architecture. But when you are in the real world it is much more complex," he said.

Moreover, elements that are absent in the testing environment, such as load balancers, security devices, and cache servers, can introduce a substantial performance hit to a production environment, Gerhinger said.

As end-user applications on the Web begin to mature, the management of those applications is starting to pick up speed, according to Corey Ferengul, senior programme director at the Meta group.

"We are seeing that some of the most requested tools right now are for Web management and WebSphere monitoring. The demand is there and the technology is so new [that] most customers don't understand the pieces and how it works together," he said. "It is clearly the type of service organisations will need."

ActiveTune's capability to tune the performance of applications in a production environment can increase system capacity with existing equipment and personnel, which can help enterprises save money, according to Mercury Interactive.

Additionally, the company announced an Application Risk Management Model (ARMM), abest practices framework that offers customers a guide for assessing quality control practices throughout an organisation.

The product delivered through a Web-based portal, which provides an online repository of resource materials and an introduction to the quality process. ARMM also provides training courses, and professional services such as onsite evaluations, planning, and implementation mentoring.

The ActiveTune service is available now, priced starting at $35,000 (£24,500) for a three-month subscription. The ARMM portal is available free of charge.

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