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Announcing new products and services

Announcing new products and services

Read the unreadable

Description: Email utility for Notes and Domino

Other features: Retraces emails via browser

Availability: Out now

Price: Refused to say

IBM/Lotus business partner Make IT Simple (MITS), has announced Demailer, an email utility that enables Lotus Notes and Domino users to retract unread email.

While mail retraction has existed with email systems for some time, its functionality has been limited. Most focus on retraction within the same domain or company intranet. DeMailer is the first email retraction - claims MITS - solution organisation, but it can also retract emails through a web browser.

DeMailer enables mail retraction within any organisation, claims MITS, and across any organisation's domains, within private Domino intranets and even to Domino customers and suppliers via the internet. A user can retract any message sent in error to any individual or mailing list providing they can access their mailbox.

'Microsoft has been very keen to highlight the lack of email retraction for Lotus Domino. By leveraging the power of Lotus Notes, we can provide selective email retraction across multiple domains, networks and time zones,' said Keven Dowsett, IT director for Make IT Simple. The DeMailer application Plug-in enables users to retract sent mail from the receiver's inbox without the receiver being informed.

The sender must retract the mail before the receiver reads or previews it. The retract function is quick and efficient, and provides the retracting user with reports and detailed logs.

Secrets and Waps

Description: Secure messaging software

Other features: Designed for Microsoft Exchange

Availability: Out now

Price: £995 (10 user starter system) to £14,995 (500 user starter system)

Equisys, a provider of business communications solutions, announced the availability of Zetalink, a software product which it claims, provides secure access to corporate messaging and groupware functions from any Wap enabled device.

Zetalink has been developed specifically for Microsoft Exchange. It allows mobile users to access the functions of Microsoft Outlook such as email, task lists personal calenders and contact databases using proven wireless standards that have widespread industry acceptance.

Zetalink, claims Equisys, extends the reach of corporate email and groupware systems, providing users with the following functionality:

E-mail - Read, reply, forward, send and delete emails

Meeting requests - Display and accept meeting requests

Calendar - Display, add and edit appointments

Contacts - Search, display and use contact information

Task lists - View and amend tasks

Snap it on
Snap Server 2000

Description: Two drive NAS appliance

Other features: Sits on the desk-top

Availability: Out now

Price: Price: £1,160

Snap Appliances, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Corporation and manufacturer of the industry standard workgroup Network Attached Storage (Nas) solutions, unveiled the Snap Server 2200, a two-drive desktop Nas appliance optimised for network file serving and back-up.Priced at £1,160 and with 160 GB of Raid protected network storage, the Snap Server 2200 provides, claims Quantum, simple installation, typically in five minutes or less, and is managed through the Snap Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Service with a Level
Topaz for SLM

Description: Service level management software

Other features: Provides diagnostics

Competitors: M4, Sony, Plasmon

Availability: Out now

Price: $25,000 per year

Mercury Interactive Corporation, a provider of enterprise testing and application performance management solutions, Topaz for SLM module, integrating service level management (SLM) with the Topaz Web and enterprise application performance management solution. Topaz for SLM allows business and IT managers to work together to define, measure and track service levels for application performance based on end-user performance and availability - claims MI. Topaz for SLM alerts IT to performance problems, diagnoses the root cause to help solve problems before the SLA is breached, and integrates performance metrics from a variety of infrastructure points into one central repository for easy, automated reporting.

Research group Enterprise Management Associates defines SLM as 'a set of processes for ensuring that a service is delivered to clients at acceptable (negotiated) levels and docmenting the actual results.'

Traditionally, SLAs were defined by hardware - network or other device - and did not reflect the business. Now Topaz for SLM allows service providers and enterprises to help ensure service is delivered as defined by an SLA written to match business goals.

Topaz for SLM, claims MI, allows IT business managers to:

Measure performance and availability as experienced by end users

Define quantifiable availability and performance objectives that reflect business goals

Justify infrastructure spending for improving service levels

Schedule service level objectives by time segment to match varying operational requirements, such as business critical or normal hours

Isolate and resolve performance problems before service goals are breached

Maximise ROI and profitability by delivering more consistent, predictable performance levels.

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