Comdex 2001: Servers and storage go slim and strong

This year's Comdex showed that when it comes to storage and servers, slim but strong hardware is what users are looking for.

This year's Comdex showed that when it comes to storage and servers, slim but strong hardware is what users are looking for.

Hitachi America showed off a pair of disk drives designed to pack more storage into a smaller space. The company highlighted its DK32EJ series of 3.5" hard disk drives with capacities ranging from 36.9Gb to 147.8Gb. These products double the storage capacity of the company's products from last year and can sustain data transfer rates of 66Mbps.

Hitachi also showed Comdex attendees its 2.5" hard disk drives, called the DK23DA series. At 9.5mm high, these units scale from 10Gb up to 40Gb. These are designed to fit within the tight confines of notebooks and other mobile computing devices. The new disk drives will also come with Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) technology that helps keep drives quiet during operation.

QPS introduced a hard drive called the Que M3 UltraSlim. This product packs 120G bytes of storage in a box that is 31.25mm high, 137.5mm wide and 212.5mm long. Available for both PC and Macintosh systems, the drive supports software that allows users to convert footage from camcorders into MPEG-2 DVD files. The drive can move data at 35Mbps and has a 512Kb buffer that expands to 2Mb.

For corporate users looking to bulk up their back-end storage, LSI Logic Storage Systems took the wraps off a new storage product of its own, announcing the MetaStor E4600HPCx storage system.

LSI has designed this product to handle high-throughput applications such as streaming video and said it can store up to 160Tb of data. Three models of the MetaStor E4600HPCx are available, with transfer rates of 780, 1,170 and 1,560Mbps. All models can support up to 16 fibre channel host connections.

The MetaStor systems support the AIX, HP-UX, Linux, NetWare, Solaris, Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems. LSI has made limited quantities of the product available and says it will sell it in volume starting in the first quarter of 2002.

On the server front, Tatung Science and Technology launched its first blade server, the Model TUD 2016. Users can fit as many as 16 server blades in the company's 2U 3.5"-high chassis. The company's blades use Intel's low-voltage Pentium III processors running at 700MHz.

Toshiba America Information Systems also released a compact server, dubbed the Magnia Z300. The server is two units high but only takes up half of a standard rack's width.

The server ships with 1GHz Pentium III processors and up to 3Gb of synchronous dynamic random access memory.

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