Nokia and DoCoMo unveil 3G action plan

NTT DoCoMo and Nokia are to jointly develop an open mobile architecture for wideband code-division multiple access (W-CDMA) 3G...

NTT DoCoMo and Nokia are to jointly develop an open mobile architecture for wideband code-division multiple access (W-CDMA) 3G services.

The agreement is part of an open mobile architecture initiative unveiled at the Comdex trade show earlier this week by Nokia chairman and chief executive Jorma Ollila. A total of 20 companies, including Vodafone, Motorola and NEC, have so far joined the initiative.

DoCoMo and Nokia aim to standardise, promote and accelerate W-CDMA-based 3G services across the world. "For Nokia, Comdex was all about the global open mobile architecture," Ollila said.

The companies said they would work on browsing, messaging and the application execution environment.

For browsing, they will jointly develop a platform based on the WAP 2.0 global standard, and adopt the XHTML/CSS description language. The companies plan to complete the architecture by the end of this year, said Keiji Tachikawa, DoCoMo's president and chief executive.

Multimedia messaging service (MMS), which DoCoMo and Nokia hope to develop by 2003, would allow users with any mobile device to download multimedia content, and send and receive e-mail messages.

The two companies will also develop Java technology to offer an execution environment where more user-friendly applications can be created. This should be completed by next year.

"We have reached an agreement on [browsing, messaging and the application execution environment], but there are still others, such as security, downloading, authentication and billing, that need to be worked on," said Tachikawa, who added that this is "not an exclusive co-operation; other developers are welcome to join".

DoCoMo, which provides the world's first 3G service, said the initiative shows that it intends to work with other companies on 3G services. "We believe that using the same architecture will spread and promote 3G services globally," said Tachikawa.

Nokia said it hopes to roll out its 3G handsets for DoCoMo's FOMA 3G service in the third quarter of next year.

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