Next Windows CE supports Bluetooth

The next generation of Microsoft's Windows CE embedded operating system will include support for the Bluetooth wireless standard....

The next generation of Microsoft's Windows CE embedded operating system will include support for the Bluetooth wireless standard.

The move will pave the way for CE-powered computing devices to communicate with a variety of other wireless devices, said Microsoft.

The forthcoming operating system, codenamed "Talisker", also has a new name: Windows CE .Net. The handle follows Microsoft's latest naming scheme, as it releases more products tied to its .Net Internet initiative.

Bluetooth is a specification designed to allow wireless computers, mobile phones and other portable handheld devices access to the Internet through a radio frequency. Microsoft claims that Windows CE .Net will be the first Microsoft operating system to ship with built-in Bluetooth support.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has certified that Microsoft's implementation of Bluetooth in Windows CE .Net met its required specifications after testing it with several Bluetooth products from major manufacturers.

Companies building and testing early applications for Windows CE .Net include Siemens, which is working on a Web-pad device. The company will make use of the new Bluetooth support in its forthcoming Windows CE .Net devices.

An embedded operating system is a version of the desktop or server software broken into components that customers can use to build custom operating systems. Microsoft has developed a series of embedded operating systems for devices ranging from set-top boxes to smart mobile phones and manufacturing equipment.

Windows CE 3.0, the predecessor to the new .Net embedded operating system, is the foundation for Microsoft's Pocket PC software. The company also offers Windows NT Embedded 4.0.

Microsoft is also planning to release an embedded version of Windows XP and Windows .Net Server.

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