Special Report: IBM Software Forum

CW360 rounds up the news from San Francisco

CW360 rounds up the news from San Francisco

AIX faces axe when Linux grows up
IBM has mooted plans to use Linux as a replacement for Unix back-end systems when the open source operating system matures. While they admit Linux still has a way to go before it can compete with the functions available on many flavours of Unix, IBM officials said that Linux could prove more cost effective and be a more user-friendly way to manage servers.
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Tool kit issued to encourage Linux take-up
IBM has released a free Software Evaluation Kit for Linux to developers in a bid to boost the acceptance of Linux among users. The kit comes with a variety of IBM software tools designed for the Linux and Windows operating systems including Universal Database, WebSphere application server and Lotus Domino.
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IBM fits WebSphere for remote access
IBM has announced plans to enhance parts of its WebSphere application server for mobile applications.
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Lotus K-station to be merged with WebSphere
During this week's Software Forum conference IBM revealed that Lotus' K-station enterprise portal builder will be merged with the IBM WebSphere Portal Server
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Big Blue Ford Explorer wired up
Combining current products with future technologies fresh from its labs, IBM has offered a glimpse of tomorrow's wired car. The company upgraded a 2002 Ford Explorer with wireless and Web-based remote control technologies which it demonstrated at the IBM Software Forum in San Francisco.
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