Toshiba launches 512M-byte flash card

Toshiba has launched a 512Mbyte CompactFlash memory card.

Toshiba has launched a 512Mbyte CompactFlash memory card.

The removable storage card, which is aimed at the reseller market, complements Toshiba's existing line-up of storage devices, which also includes the 128Mbyte SmartMedia card.

The new CompactFlash card uses Toshiba's 0.16 micron technology, which the company has been using since the fourth quarter of 2000. The new card can be used in devices such as digital still and video cameras, audio players, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and other devices that take CompactFlash cards.

As the popularity of devices such as MP3 players and digital video cameras increases, consumers want more space to store music, photos and other data, and CompactFlash cards have attracted attention because of their small size.

The 512Mbyte card has a write speed of up to 3.2Mbytes per second, and a read speed of up to 5.4Mbytes per second. It is currently available to resellers, who will use the cards in their own branded devices, for prices starting at $499 (£349) each in manufacturer quantities.

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