REC says no to PeopleVillage

IT job finding service,, has been denied membership of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) because of its "anti-agency"...

IT job finding service,, has been denied membership of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) because of its "anti-agency" stance.

The site, which was launched in August, claims to match people to projects better than any other recruitment method available and sends out T-shirts bearing a "Dump Your Agency" slogan to all contractors who sign with its service.

As a result, it has proved unpopular with some traditional recruiters and was informed earlier this month in a letter from the REC's senior membership manager, Eileen Simpson, that its application to join the representative body had been rejected, in view of the 'anti-agency' stance of its marketing material.

"The REC's motto is: 'Championing providers of recruitment solutions'," notes Steve Plowman, chief operating officer of "(But) it looks like they will only champion you if you don't rock the boat."

"To my mind the REC should be concerned with the way people in the industry treat customers, contractors and companies. Our solution is of the highest quality and reinvents the whole way in which the industry works and concentrates on the needs of our partners. Our marketing approach should be irrelevant," he adds.

According to Plowman, the company's advertising strategy is based on the disquiet felt within the IT industry about the way traditional agencies conduct themselves, and the prices they charge. Nevertheless, the wanted to join the industry's official representative body, he says, so that it could "persuade people on the inside that there is a better way to work".

"All this (the rejection) means to us is that we will continue to be an independent voice pushing the message that finding work - or finding people to fulfil contracts - doesn't have to be a time consuming and expensive business," he adds.

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