Zerowait third party NetApp support comes to Australia

US company Zerowait will open an Australian office to formalise its cut-price NetApp support offering, to meet demands from current local customers and to explore other opportunities.

Third party NetApp support specialist Zerowait will shortly open for business in Australia, and promises to offer users support at 1/3 the price of the vendor’s own service.

Mike Linett, Zerowait’s Founder and President, told SearchStorage ANZ the company already has customers in Australia, with two companies in the visual effects industry using its services on a fly-in/fly-out basis. News of those companies’ engagement with Zerowait, he said, has created inquiries from other organisations and made it sensible to create a local operation.

Zerowait’s services include support for NetApp products once initial maintenance agreements expire. The company claims to charge 1/3 of NetApp’s price for ongoing support.

Another offering is the provision of new disk drawers without the need for new engagement with NetApp. This service can use third party drawers, or NetApp’s own equipment thanks to the company’s cache of NetApp parts. Some of those parts are sourced from ex-lease equipment. Others come from rival storage vendors when then win deals on the basis that they buy out incumbent vendors products.

Some is new. “20% of our products are brand new and shrink-wrapped,” Linett said.

The company’s support services are powered by Zerowait High Availability, software that has reverse-engineered the format of NetApp arrays’ logs. The company can provide automated monitoring using this software, along with realtime notification to its clients of any issues.

Linett said he believes his company competes strongly on price, but also helps users to realise outcomes like tiered storage by letting them use older equipment for longer and lower cost.

“People cannot afford primary storage pricing for secondary storage,” he said. Zerowait therefore represents an opportunity for the NetApp channel, he added, as “we can help them to support a system for less.”

“NetApp hates us,” he added. “Whenever a customer sees our quote and shows it to NetApp, they have to drop their price.”

Industry veteran Laurence Jones will head the local operation

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