Anti NetApp site, "", pulled down, traffic redirected to EMC, which earlier today hosted a video making unflattering comparisons between EMC and NetApp, has been pulled down and redirected to EMC's own web page., a spoof website that hosted an unflattering comparison of storage guarantee programs offered by EMC and NetApp, has been taken down and now redirects to EMC's home page.

SearchStorage ANZ discovered earlier today, and speculated about the site's origins as its DNS records have been deliberately hidden from public view.

Both the site and the video it contained have since been taken down.

The site now redirects to EMC.

The video is also gone, and has been removed from YouTube. SearchStorage ANZ has managed to retrieve this image of the video from our browser cache.

Comment is being sought from EMC.

This is the second incident in two weeks in which EMC has been associated with programs that stretch social media etiquette to the limits. Last week, the company posted self-promoting comments to this site and those of bloggers, but quickly cancelled the program after it was deemed a "bad idea" by senior EMC executive Chuck Hollis.

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