Sun hints at Oracle-on-open-storage roadmap

Sun has hinted that its open storage systems will be able to handle Oracle applications in an appliance-style configuration and has also said it intends to take on tier one array vendors, with EMC and NetApp firmly in its sights.

Sun is "going after NetApp and EMC" with future enhancements to its Open Storage range of products, according to Kris Bakke, the company's Worldwide Systems Business Manager. Sun believes it can make inroads due to its open storage products requiring no ongoing software licensing costs, thanks to their inclusion of open source storage management software.

Speaking at an event in Sydney last week, Bakke outlined new products he feels will make the range scale further and therefore represent better value.

Among those new products will be enhanced versions of its 7000-series arrays and J4000-series JBOD appliances.

SearchStorage ANZ is prohibited by a issued non-disclosure agreement* from revealing details of these products, but can state that the company is bullish on the scalability of the new devices, with Bakke stating that  "I suspect  you could run every Oracle application on a a 7000-series box and I am pretty sure you will see it."

One interesting aspect of the company's plans is an intention to make greater use of the SAS-2 protocol, as the company feels users will appreciate its speed benefits without needing to adopt fiber channel.

Bakke also said that Sun has sold over 2000 open storage units, totaling more than 40 installed petabytes. Interest in the products has been especially strong among financial services organisations, Bakke said, adding that sun believes strong demand from this typically price-and-performance-conscious industry is an indicator that open storage products represent a strong alternative.

* The NDA in question was not mentioned in the material inviting us to the Sun event, but was delivered verbally before the speakers commenced.

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