Sectors - NetApp, EMC square off again!

Our weekly storage blog roundup finds yet another EMC/NetApp brawl in cyberspace.


Just when you thought that perhaps EMC and NetApp would stop brawling in public, the pair have decided to go another round. EMC, meanwhile, is having a lash at Sun for good measure!

Let’s start with EMC vs. NetApp round three. This time the issue is solid state disk, a topic about which NetApp says EMC has no clue. EMC hasn’t rebutted this accusation directly, but has definitely had a waft back in NetApp’s direction with a Chuck Hollis piece on just what represents disruption and innovation in the storage caper. Surprise, surprise: he doesn’t think NetApp is it!

Even third parties are in on this one, as you can read over at Storagebod.

Back to EMC's Hollis, who also has a go at Sun, on the issue of crypto management. EMC and some other heavies launched a standard in this space a while back, as we reported here. Sun shot back with its own idea and EMC has blogged that they reckon the move has come because Sun:

“… saw a standard that didn't help their business model, so they did what they could to slow things down.”


Next week, we expect to report EMC will take on blogger The Storage Anarchist, who this week labelled the company’s DMX/Symmetrix arrays possibly the most wasteful he’s analysed. Apparently 37 different LUN types on offer, just one reason for potential wastage!

Another brawl

Another fight erupting into the blogosphere concerns whether or not cloud computing is the real deal. StorageMojo emphatically points out that, yes, it is!

StorageZilla has also gone all sensible with this look at HBAs and the Virtual Geek looks at solid state in a virtualised environment.

And to finish, let’s get all geopolitical: if you want to know about fossil fuels, data centre power costs, massive economic transitions and all sorts of stuff like that, head here to the ZeroWait blog.

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