Sectors – EMC and NetApp leave each other alone PLUS another dodgy rap video

The storage blogosphere bubbles into life again as folks who are not HP or NetApp swing a slipper at EMC, while 3Par gets into the rap video caper.

 EMC and NetApp have stopped fighting for a week. But others are lining up for a swing at EMC.

Which is good because an outbreak of peace is not what this column needs. And EMC and NetApp seem to have slumped to the canvas, with only this long and largely-incomprehensible rant NetApp about EMC’s blogging tactics mirroring John Stewart’s comedy dissection of the GFC to enliven proceedings over the last few weeks.

To find the outbreak of peace, head here, where Storage Anarchist agrees with EMC that wide striping is kind of meh so far as hot storage features go these days.

While we were sniffing around that stuff, we found another very dodgy storage-related rap video (for the last one, see here)

But others want to kick the giant in the shins. ESG, for example, smacks EMC in its green spot and Storagezilla as a go too, getting rather blasé about EMC certifications in two posts.

Virtualtacit is not actively mean to EMC, but does have five tips on how to get Celerras behaving better.

This week’s post that reads like a press release tarted up for social media comes from Adaptec, which asserts:

“People are putting high-end RAID controllers into home machines, combining them with SSDs to produce massively fast machines which do not run incredibly hot or make lots of noise, making them suitable for home machines.”

Really? If you’ve built a RAID-ed up SSD-powered PC, do let us know. Cos we reckon this is a vendor’s pipe dream, not reality.

The storage morality tale of the week comes from cloud storage mob Carbonite, which lost some data and sued the vendor of its storage kit. The Storage Architect tells you all you need to know. Elsewhere, Zerowait has some more SUN/IBM ponderings and HDS’ Hu Yoshida wonder what and where to virtualise, storage-wise.

Lastly, check out this post from Quest Software which links to one of your editor’s stories. They’re clever blokes, Quest ;-)


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