NetApp gives up, gets slapped by HP while EMC parties and HDS defends its turf

Another week of storage blogs finds the usual suspects – HDS, EMC, HP and Netapp – continuing to behave like feuding wrestlers.


Ever been outbid at an auction? Worry not: your editor’s rule of thumb is that anyone who beats is by definition a fool, as they value an item more highly than you!

We suspect that’s the thinking at NetApp this week, after EMC’s deeper pockets proved the key factor in the battle for Data Domain and led EMC employee Storagezilla to pen a celebratory post featuring this Roy Orbison video.

About Restore notes that the transaction’s conclusion is bad news for Quantum, as EMC currently licenses it’s dedupe kit. Storage Mojo has a similar opinion. Analyst Steve Duplessie thinks that EMC paid rather a lot

and had better get Dell flogging Data Domain boxes in a hurry.

NetApp is of course silent on the subject, in blogs at least. But the company is still swinging at HP, whose LeftHand products it believes do not work entirely as advertised.

HP’s Calvin Zito defends his company and curiously asks if anyone cares about the debates. We care, Calvin. We care an extra lot when one combatant is looking for a way out!

Another vendor being a tad defensive is HDS, which is still trying to put its case in a blog brawl about the quality of its provisioning tools. Christophe Bertrand has a go here and Hu Yoshida is hard at work too. A third HDS blogger, Tony Asaro, adopts similar themes.

The Backup Blog is more sensible and useful, looking at the true cost of storage. IBM’s Barry Whyte is also in useful advice mode with this piece about SVC. Another practical post is Virtual Geek’s “HOWTO: Download, Install and License EMC PowerPath/VE”.

Preston de Guise is the king of sensible and useful and this week unfurls a post on Null vs. Skip Directives and another on NetWorker 7’s RAP monitoring features.

Lastly, Seagate gets all self-congratulatory about its blog.

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