EMC cops it on two fronts as HDS, NetApp attack, HP attacks NetApp

Our weekly roundup of storage blogs finds Fiber Channel over Ethernet generating opposing opinions, while NetApp, EMC, HP and HDS keep picking old scabs. PLUS: Memristors on video and Sun achieves triple-parity RAID!

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Will there ever be a week free of controversy in the storage blogosphere?

This week isn’t it, as NetApp has another go at EMC in this post detailing one of its customer’s experiences with VMWare. Long story short, the customer got more back for buck with NetApp, which has to hurt EMC because it not only owns VMware but also likes to point out just how comfortable it is to have its little brother participate in the ongoing virtual threesome with Cisco.

But that’s not the big battle of the week, which probably belongs to NetApp and HP. The two are still going at it on the subject of WAFL, with the latest instalment to be found here.

Another ongoing brawl is between HDS and EMC, as the ormer’s Michael Hay insists that Symmetrix V-Max is a bad cover of HDS’ hit USP-V. The post includes this gem:

“However, it is nice to see that you are enticing us to copy EMC’s real R&D: sales promotion!”


Hay also goes all science on us with a look at “memristors,” devices that seem to have an interesting new take on memory. He’s posted this video about the idea:

Another controversy this week surrounds Western Digital, which has released what is says is a 2.5”, one-terabyte drive. Steve Foskett likes the idea. StorageMojo author Robin Harriss, however, thinks that the drive’s 12.5mm form factor means it is not a notebook drive and it might therefore be not entirely fair to call it a 2.5” drive seeing as most people associate that moniker with portable computers.

We just want to know how a drive can be measured in metric and imperial at the same time!

The fighting dies down a bit beyond these brawls, although we can infer some tension by juxtaposing this post from HP expressing general enthusiasm for fiber Channel Over Ethernet and this one from Scott Lowe bemoaning the fact you cannot build an end-to-end FCoE network.

Elsewhere, there’s a lot of love in the room, mostly for EMC. Analyst Steve Duplessie is full of praise for EMC’s Data Domain integration plans and Online Storage Optimization gets up close with EMC’s Celerra dedupe features. StorageNerve, a blog we’ve just started tracking, has a fond look back at 20 years of Symmetrix.  vTacit expresses admiration for the EMC

Storagebod decides that a lot of storage admin is done by the skin of one’s teeth, in contrast to Storage Architect’s belief that process is king.

Storagebod also gets excited about this post from Sun announcing triple-parity RAID being backed into ZFS. Sounds cool!

Preston de Guise brings some sanity with four posts. One looks at NetWorker’s speed, another considers sub-saveset checkpointing, a third looks at logs and the last we’ll link to covers bad backup boo-boos.

Okay! Let’s wrap this puppy up with a typically weird 3Par video:

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