IBM/EMC brawl continues, Pillar pilloried, 3Par swipes at EMC and bloggers vent about FCoE and data

Our weekly delve into the storage blogosphere finds fewer fights than usual, but some action as bloggers burst hype bubbles and EMC cops it from IBM and 3Par


We used to be able to bank on this column opening with NetApp taking EMC to task on something or other. But of late, IBM has been leading the charge with posts like this week’s effort from Tony Pearson that takes issue with a weeks-old post from Scott Waterhouse, of The Backup Blog, expressing some negative opinions about Tivoli Storage Manager.

We suspect this could a bit of an offensive from IBM, which this week added another new storage blog, in the form of the nicely-named “Infovore”. So far it’s pretty tame, but we imagine it will get drawn into a debate or two shortly.

We hope it will, anyway, because hostilities have slowed down markedly this week.

Even a big move like Apple’s decision to walk away from ZFS was only covered by StorageMojo, leaving us to report 3Par’s Marc Farley swiping at EMC by taking issue with the company’s LUN-wrangling arrangements as written up by Scott Lowe. Italian integrator Cinetica continues its feisty posts by getting stuck into Pillar, which goes off on some weird tangent about clowns I do not understand.

Xsigo is also feisty, but it is taking on a whole technology, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, rather than a company so the tone is a bit less strident. Nonetheless, it is worth a look at its arguments why the new standard is a loser. Scott Lowe thought the post worth a comment and Ruptured Monkey has some thoughts along similar lines.

Elsewhere, NetApp introspects about whether or not a cloud should be called a cloud, and if so, what kind of cloud. EMC’s Chuck Hollis lists 10 things the industry really ought to do better. Preston de Guise declares dedupe is still bleeding edge, rather than something comfortably achievable.

Storage Switzerland takes issue with companies claiming to be the industry’s best kept secret, a phrase we have long-suspected means “industry’s lowest marketing budget.” IBM’s Barry Whyte and Virtual Geek both get technical about virtualization. Storage Mojo compares EqualLogic and LeftHand.

But that’s about it this week.

One reason could be that GestaltIT’s Field Day has sucked the life out bloggers schedules. It sure sounds like a great event and your editor is bummed that various other commitments meant we could not contemplate attending.

One thing we will not miss, however, is the annual Sydney to Wollongong bicycle ride in aid of Multiple Sclerosis Australia. If you want to learn more about the ride or donate some dollars, follow this link!


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