No peace in the blogosphere as EMC, HDS fire up, Quantum carols, NetApp and Oracle hit the mistletoe

A week out from Christmas, peace and love are yet to break out in the storage blogosphere as HDS and EMC fight again, Oracle and NetApp get lovey and bloggers decide if FAST is up to speed.

The end of the year is nearly upon us, and for many that means singing Christmas carols.

And would you believe a storage vendor is getting into the swing of things? Well … the singing, at least. The culprit is Quantum, the style is country and/or western and the results in the widget below, which you can click on to provide a soundtrack to this week’s blog roundup (Thanks to Drunken Data for the tipoff).


 What will you read while you listen?

Well … the week’s biggie is HDS getting stuck into EMC’s FAST. Hu Yoshida labels the new product “a re-announcement of Virtual LUNs.” Hu’s also in a fierce debate with EMCer Barry Burke about the respective merits of the two companies’ high-end storage kit.

There’s lots of other FAST comment out there, like this one from Storage Architect who reckons that FAST shows the big storage shops are less relevant. 3Par doesn’t hate that analysis. Storage Anarchist is a bit more positive. Cinetica thinks EMC has done a fine job, but for odd reasons.

CommVault is also having a crack, alleging its approach to depupe rocks harder than Data Domain’s and therefore EMC’s as well. Storagebod is a tad kinder to EMC, calling it the “Elven Magical Company” in the first of six fun letters to Santa (we suspect EMC’s response is a resounding “look at the scoreboard” courtesy of this Chuck Hollis post pointing out the company’s very considerable output in 2009).

But the post causing us most mirth this week comes from Preston de Guise’s NetWorker blog, where he offers this "Pictorial representation of management happiness over OpEx cost savings":

There are some cute posts this week about naming, as StorageIO looks at the relationship between NAS, NASA and NASCAR. Information Playground reminds us that RAID has also influenced RAIN.

You’ll also find some nice hands-on stuff this week, as Storage Switzerland gives Seagate’s new 2TB drives a once-over and Scott Lowe explains how he used an Iomega device as a target for Apple’s Time Machine.

A notable post is this one that displays a “bromance” between Oracle and NetApp. Get a room, guys.

The blogosphere then dissolves into an un-themable mass of material that is interesting, but hard for your correspondent to clump.

So strap yourself in for some dodgy segues as we cover the best stuff.

Steve Duplessie suggests Israeli storage start-up Exanet is about to hit the dead pool and uses its history to explain why start-ups die. StorageMojo comments on Data Robotics’ surprise new CEO.

A new addition to the SearchStorage ANZ RSS reader, Ray On Storage who this week looks at five reasons for storage virtualization. Canned Platypus looks at the future of file systems, Aprigo gets excited about WORM and Emulex heads off on a discussion of I/O issues that looks like something you could spend a few minutes on if you are stuck in the office between Christmas and New Year.

StorageNerve celebrates Symmetrix’s 20th birthday and StorageZilla looks at EMC’s Celerra. Matthew Yeager draws an analogy based on his mother in law and storage and HDS’ Claus Mikkelsen previews some thin provisioning innovation.

We’ll be back next week with one last roundup for the year!




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