NULL pointer deferences explained

In this week's security podcast, IBM's Mark Dowd explains the NULL pointer deferences flaw he discovered, while SImon Howard defends his "Race to Zero" competition.

This week's Risky Business has two great guests.

One is IBM ISS Mark Dowd, who popped along to discuss his paper on NULL pointer dereferences. His research - which included uncovering a very, very nasty bug in Flash - has created quite a stir in the security community. In this interview Mark tells us there could be more exploitable NULL pointer bugs around the corner and he hints that he's about to make the Microsoft security team quite unhappy.

The second feature spot on this week's show is an exclusive interview with Simon Howard. Last Friday he announced a new competition at DEFCON - The Race To Zero. Entrants have to modify virus code to sneak it past scanners. Simon popped in to defend the competition.

Also on the show this week, RSA's Greg Singh stops by to talk DLP.

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