Sectors – NetApp says EMC Centera loses data, gets slapped by blogosphere

NetApp has tried to smear EMC, starting a blogosphere brawl which embroiled Symantec but may have left egg on its face.

“EMC Centera Customers - Consider Your Whistle Blown” is a pretty provocative title for a blog post. It gets better, though: the author is from NetApp and accuses EMC’s Centera archiving product of being a data-destroying dud. Evidence comes in the form of a Symantec support document. Symantec has since updated the document and softened its tone and NetApp itself seems to have backpedalled a little.

In the washup, NetApp seems to have come out the affair quite badly, with its blogger copping some heavy hits.

What are they thinking?

Ever wondered how vendors think when you ask about their products? If you’re keen for some insights, check out the Storage Advisors blog (it’s hooked up with Adaptec) and you’ll get some interesting insights.

Be my gigabyte Valentine

Stephen Foskett, meanwhile, has declared his love for storage automation. Not quite the thing to be proclaiming in the week before Valentine’s Day, perhaps, Stephen!

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