SNIA survey finds most businesses lack decent DR

A new survey from SNIA suggests that Australian businesses do not have decent disaster recovery (DR) regimes in place.

Most Australian businesses cannot recover their data in under eight hours, according to a new survey conducted by SNIA and a local publisher.

The survey of 150 Australian businesses found that just 4% believed they could recover from a disaster in under one hour, while 11% expected it would take a week.

Just 25% believe they would recover in between two and eight hours, with 23% expecting between eight and 24 hours recovery times and 28% reporting one or two days' would pass before they restored their operations.

Unsurprisingly, the survey therefore found that 57% rated their disaster recovery plan as only 'Adequate' with 20% believing it to be 'Inadequate' and only 15% reporting it as 'Excellent.'

46% said funding for DR initiatives is tight, with 23% saying it is 'very tight' and 11% saying no funding is available, perhaps indicating reasons for the inadequacy of their plans and slow recovery times.

One heartening aspect of the survey was the more robust use of off-site backup mechanisms.

30% of users report operating a remote mirror to protect their data, while 26% backup to tape and store it in a remote location. A further 23% replicate data offsite.

Interestingly, the survey found that Network Managers were most likely to be responsible for DR, with 30% of respondents identifying this officer as the most likely seat of DR responsibility. CIOs scored 20% of votes for this question, with Boards, CEOs and compliance officers winning 13%, 11% and 7% of respondents' votes repesctively.

SNIAs release describes the results as worrying, given the slow pace of recovery, low executive involvement in DR and the overall indication that fewer than half of all businesses have proper DR in place.

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