National Museum of Australia to build digital asset management system on Dell/EMC SANs

The National Museum of Australia will build a digital asset management system to meet increased demand for access to its collection of "450,000 digital images, video, audio and interactive assets." Two Dell/EMC SANs and CommVault software in the back office seem set to shoulder the workload.

The National Museum of Australia is experiencing increased demand for access to its 450,000+ item collection of digital artefacts and will create a digital asset management system to make the collection easier to search and share.

In a tender published last week, the Museum outlines its situation, reporting that requests to access its digital collection reached 10,000 in 2008, up from 1,500 in 2006.

"The demand for images is expected to rise even further as more images of collection items are published online," the tender adds.

The Museum therefore wishes to build a web interface to its collection to allow public access to its collection, plus online sales of some assets. Another requirement is the "automated, and on demand, production of derivatives of digital files." Security is also mentioned throughout the tender, with Museum staff to be offered access to the collection according to an access rights regime.

A pair of Dell/EMC SANs appear to house the collection, with the tender not calling for additional hardware purchases but describing the following as the Museum's current ICT environment:

"A Dell EMC CX3-40f SAN provides shared data storage in Acton. A second DELL EMC CX4-120 SAN is installed at Mitchell for disaster recovery purposes.
CommVault 7.0 provides data backup. A Dell tape Library with LTO3 and LTO4 Drives library provides tape data storage."

The tender documents can be found here.

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