Frontline offers on-premises pay-as-you-go storage

Pay-as-you-go storage, most often associated with cloud storage providers, is now available for arrays operating on your premises

IT services company Frontline Systems has launched a new storage product that offers the chance to pay by the gigabyte for storage –in arrays hosted on your premises.

Dubbed “Utility Ready Storage”, the service sees Frontline either install an HP array on its customers’ premises or provision space in an array in its data centre.

Storage use is metered and charged per gigabyte per month.

Chris Ford, the company’s National Sales Manager, says the service is targeted at users who require 50 terabytes or more of storage.

“I don’t think this would be viable for a small business with a couple of terabytes,” he told The on-premises version of the service, he added, is viewed as a way to cut the long-term cost of storage, rather than as a short-term method of renting an array.

Ford says the service typically costs $0.25 per gigabyte per month, with the price falling for larger quantities of storage.

Frontline Systems believes the new service will be cheaper than either an outright purchase of arrays or leasing storage equipment.

The service is backed by a six-hour call to repair time, although Frontline is happy to devise and price other service level guarantees.


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