HDS a suspect in Microsoft's Dangerous Sidekick outage

Finally! A story linking storage and Paris Hilton. But the news is not good: a faulty or non-existent backup could be the source of an outage affecting users of Microsoft's Sidekick mobile phone.

Reports have emerged suggesting sloppy backup regimes at Microsoft or poor work by Hitachi Data Systems consultants could be reasons that Microsoft 's Sidekick mobile phones are currently experiencing significant outages.

The Sidekick is a smartphone in teenaged clothing and stores users' details personal data in a private cloud. The company that invented the device, Danger, used celebrities including Paris Hilton (that's her over there to the right and down a bit) to publicise it. Hilton's device was subsequently hacked, twice! Danger has since been acquired by Microsoft.

Sidekick users data has been unavailable for several days, with Reuters reporting that a "server failure that hurt its [Microsoft's] main and backup databases"  is to blame for the outage.

Other sites, including Engadget, are reporting that Microsoft outsourced a SAN upgrade to Hitachi Data Systems and that this process somehow went very wrong. Blogosphere opinion is divided on whether HDS messed up the job, or Microsoft simply had poor backups to begin with, leaving it open to a catastrophic failure.

SearchStorage ANZ promises never to cover anything to do with Paris Hilton again.

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