EMC revamps hardware line

Tired of being asked about its software strategies, the storage giant fires back with a massive refresh of its hardware lines.

EMC has refreshed all four of its four hardware lines in an effort to reassert its market leadership at the pointy end of hardware.

At a briefing to TechTarget ANZ ahead of the Tuesday (Sydney time) launch, the company said that its recent spate of acquisitions of software companies has led to the perception its hardware business is flagging.

The announcement of significant upgrades to its hardware is expected to dispel such chatter, while also ensuring the company's machines remain genuine technical leadership.

The products announced were:

  • A new, entry level model of the Symmetrix. Dubbed the DMX-3 model 950, the new device is designed to occupy less space and consume less power than its predecessors, while offering capacity for 32-36- disks and supporting fibre channel, iSCSI and Gigiabit Ethernet connectivity
  • A combined Fibre Channel/iSCSI CLARiiON CX3 UltraScale series systems, which also gains EMC's Navisphere software to offer enhanced tuning of the device to cope with different application service levels. The machine also shops with software wizards that EMC says makes them suitable for customers to configure alone and unaided, an advance that makes a compulsory installation fee a thing of the past
  • A third generation of the EMC Disk Library, now capable of storing up to 70 petabytes
  • New models of its Celerra NAS devices, some in blade form factor.

EMC Australia's Product Manager Clive Gold said the new generation of products will typically cost 15%-20% less than their predecessors.

Gold also emphasised the power efficiency of the new systems, a feature he said is a response to users' desires for lower power bills, and also the realities of the modern data centre where adding new power infrastructure is an expense few of EMC's customers incur willingly.

"We can deliver 70% better power efficiency than our rivals," he said, asserting that this new feature in concert with the enhancements to the company's hardware cement its leadership.

All of the new products will be available this quarter. Some are already shipping.

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