Therapeutic Goods Administration seeks two SANs

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has tendered for two SANs, as the direct-attach storage in its servers is nearing end-of-life. The origination plans to migrate applications including Domino and TRIM to the SANs, which will be backed up by CommVault Simpana.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), an organisation charged with “assessment and monitoring activities to ensure therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard with the aim of ensuring that the Australian community has access, within a reasonable time, to therapeutic advances,” has issued a tender for two storage area networks (SANs).

The main reason for the tender appears to be the Administration’s concern that its expected 37% annual storage growth can no longer be accommodated by the direct-attach storage the agency currently uses. The two SANs will be located in the Canberra suburbs of Symonston and Bruce, where the TGA operates data centres. Failover between the two sites is a requirement.

Key applications whose data will be stored on the SANs include Lotus Domino and HP’s TRIM. The tender also mentions two new projects, dubbed “EDRMS” and “eCTD” that are expected to produce a lot of new data.

The winner will also need to prove that their products can work alongside Windows Server 2003 and 2008 in 32-and64-bit versions, plus all future versions of Windows. A similar future-proofing requirement applies to VMware, whose ESX server 3.5 and 4.0 are currently in use. Linux is also present, with the software running on HP Proliant DL380 and DL580 servers. The SANs will be expected to work with 50 servers.

CommVault’s Simpana is also mentioned and seems destined to backup the new SANs, as compatibility with the application is mentioned as a requirement for the winning equipment.

Tiered storage is on the agency’s agenda, as the new solution will be required to support no fewer than four tiers, namely:





30TB to 60TB of usable storage

15,000rpm Fibre Channel (FC) (or equivalent) disks for fast throughput for the use with Databases and VMware.


30TB and expandable to 40TB of usable storage

10,000rpm FC (or equivalent) disks for fast throughput for the use with Lotus Domino, VMware and Trim data.


10TB and expandable to 40TB of usable storage

SATA (or equivalent) disks for high capacity for the use with Files and Trim data.


Proposed for Backup and near-online data, and must be capable of making use of TGA’s Quantum PX720 ATL’s.

Source: TGA tender

The TGA expects the SANs will occupy no more than three racks in each location and will be limited to electricity consumption of 12Kwatt/hr./

The winning tenderer will also be asked to provide SAN switches and although optical connectors are specified it is unclear which SAN protocol is required.

Management tools are also mentioned, with the tender specifying the SANs have the ability to “integrate with existing monitoring solutions such as MS MOM or Nagios.”


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