Novell snapped up by Attachmate for £1.4 billion: News in brief

Attachmate will purchase Novell, the maker of the SUSE Enterprise Linux OS, for £1.4 billion, but the future of SUSE is unclear; and other news in brief.

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Novell snapped up by Attachmate for £1.4 billion
Attachmate Corp. will buy Novell Inc., a networking solutions company, for some $2.2 billion (£1.4 billion). Waltham, Mass-based Novell makes network server operating systems, including SUSE Linux Enterprise, that connect desktop PCs to corporate networks. Attachmate is a business software provider that specializes in mainframe connectivity software and is owned by three private equity firms. Novell plans to sell some of its patents at $450 million to a consortium of technology led by Microsoft. These plans in turn have prompted observers to wonder about the future of SUSE Linux and support for non-SUSE products.


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Magirus gains Cisco UBAC certification
European distributor Magirus has announced that it has become a Cisco Unified Computing System B-Series Authorised Configurator (UBAC). From its European Technology Logistics Centre in Strasbourg, France, the distributor claims it can configure pre-built base Cisco Unified Computing System B-Series servers for Cisco ATP resellers, across Europe, in less than five days. The news follows on from the distributor's previous announcement to configure to order Cisco UCS C-series servers, in June. According to the company, the hope is to become the "one-stop-shop for channel data centre solutions ."


Adobe plans new data centre for Ominiture EMEA clients
Adobe Systems Inc. plans to open a new data centre outside London to serve clients of its Ominiture Business Unit based in EMEA. The software giant purchased analytics firm Ominiture for about $1.8 billion last year. The new data centre is being built to provide "faster" data processing and performance in addition to expanding local data storage capabilities.


Apotheker reverses pay cuts at HP
After a shaky start, Hewlett-Packard Co.'s new CEO, Leo Apotheker, is trying to settle into this new role. After former HP CEO Mark Hurd exited the company amidst sexual harassment claims in September 2010, Apotheker was crowned CEO. Apotheker had a painful transition, however, after public attacks and a lawsuit was filed by HP's rival, Oracle Corp.

In efforts to improve morale at HP, Apotheker will reverse pay cuts for many of the employees affected by a salary reduction in February 2009. HP has also decided to reinstate a company 401(k) plan matching contributions as a fixed benefit and introduced a new share-ownership scheme where employees can buy company shares at a 5% discount.


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Avaya launches data centre virtualisation architecture

Avaya Inc. has launched a data centre virtualisation architecture, which offers scalability in a new Virtual Services Platform (VSP9000) with up to 27 TBps throughput. The Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture (Avaya VENA) is designed to help IT departments with new content and business collaboration applications to and to support emerging 40 and 100 G technologies.


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