Citrix announces XenServer 5.1

Citrix has announced a new version of its XenServer product with enhanced storage functionality; plus more daily news.

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Citrix announces XenServer 5.1
Citrix has announced a new version of its XenServer product. Version 5.1 claims to have new functionalities designed to improve storage for companies that roll out desktop virtualisation, giving them the ability to support cloud services. The Advanced Storage Optimisation for VDI aims to offload all temporary desktop read-write traffic from expensive storage systems onto server-side spinning disks or solid state drives.

Yahoo! Swiss data centre to go ahead
Yahoo!, the internet service provider, has confirmed that it will go ahead with the construction of its Switzerland-based data centre. Planned for the Swiss town of Avenches, Yahoo! bought the land for its facility three years ago but ran into problems with the locals. They objected to the build because of concerns that the centre would depend on a controversial power line. The data centre is now scheduled to open in 2012.

EMIS suffers outage distrusting hundreds of UK doctors
A centralised healthcare system in the UK suffered a disruption this week, following a data outage. Healthcare provider EMIS offers hosted systems to GPs and medical staff through a central data base of medical records, appointments and prescription details. Approximately 200 UK practices were affected for hours after technical problems occurred at the hosting provider's data centre.

Interxion starts expansion of Zurich site
Service provider Interxion has added 7,500 square feet of space to its ZUR 1 data centre in Zurich, Switzerland. Interxion claims more than half of the space has been leased out already. This is the first of three expansion phases that will take place at the Zurich facility.

Microsoft patches 49 vulnerabilities
Microsoft has announced 49 new patches set for release next week, as the vendor tries to make customers feel at ease with the security of its software. Patches will be for operating systems (OSes), the Internet Explorer Web browser, the Microsoft Server OS and the Microsoft Office suite of applications software.

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