RES Software offers VDI management suite: News Roundup

RES Software launches suite of management features to aid virtual desktop deployments; Veeam backup and replication increases speed of virtual servers at The Pensions Trust; Overland Storage launches iSCSI SAN with hooks into VMware and Hyper-V; and other news of the week.

RES Software launches VDI management suite
RES Software has released RES PowerFuse 2010 with a suite of new management features to aid the deployment of desktop platforms, including Microsoft Windows 7, virtualised desktop technologies like VDI, managed desktops and hosted virtual desktops. The PowerFuse 2010 enables IT managers to deploy Citrix, VMware and Microsoft desktop environments regardless of where or how the user will be accessing their workspace.

Six virtualisation predictions for 2010
With this overview of the virtual data centre, Roger Baskerville, the vice president of EMEA at virtualisation management vendor Vizioncore, shares the inside scoop on what's hot and what's not.

Veeam backup and replication increases speed of virtual servers at The Pensions Trust
VMware environments management vendor Veeam Software has helped occupational pension funds charity The Pension Trust increase the backup speed of its virtual servers by 98% through the deployment of its Veeam Backup and Replication product. Darren Bull, business support manager for The Pensions Trust, claims he can now backup a 800Gb main file server in 10 minutes as opposed to the eight to nine hours it previously took him.

Overland Storage launches iSCSI SAN with hooks into VMware and Hyper-V
Overland Storage Inc. this week launched the Snap Server SAN S2000, a new iSCSI SAN with VMware vSphere and Hyper-V virtual server integration and automated provisioning features, starting at $15,000.

Virtensys welcomes new chairman of the board
Data centre I/O vendor Virtensys has appointed John Nicholson as chairman of the board. Nicholson has been at the company since 2006 as a member of the board of directors. With 25 years experience in the technology industry, his past positions include vice president of Compaq Computer Corporation and as vice president of Digital Equipment Corporation.

Hyper-V add-on promises cheaper storage
New storage virtualisation software from Virsto Software dramatically improves storage performance in Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments and, by extension, will help these IT shops reduce storage costs, beta testers say. Announced on Tuesday, Virsto One installs into Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V as a filter driver, providing high-performance, thin-provisioned snapshots, clones and increasing I/O performance.

Virtual desktop trials soar as technology improves
Industry pundits said 2010 would be the year of the virtual desktop proof-of-concept trial, and so far, the vision looks to be coming true in a big way. With desktops a commodity and IT shops under pressure to economise, enterprises have picked spots to test virtual desktops. Many have also considered remaking their corporate infrastructures to accommodate the high-bandwidth requirements of some applications running on thin clients, and they have begun to look into hosted desktops.

Citrix and Novell form cloud computing pack
Citrix Systems and Novell have announced a pact in cloud computing and virtualisation technologies, in which they will allow a single computer to function as multiple machines. Both vendors have said they will offer interoperability between products, in addition to providing joint technical support to customers.

New FCX series switches from Brocade
Data centre networking vendor Brocade has released its FCX series of 10/100/1000 Mbps with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) uplink top-of-rack (ToR) switches. Customers can stack the FCX switches horizontally across server racks, so single logical switches can be created to reduce administration cost. Available in 24 or 48 port models with wire-speed for server access in 1U, the switches can deliver up to 40Gbps of switching bandwidth between stack members. The design aims to minimise inter-switch bottlenecks.

The value of DC power in data centres still in question
Using direct current (DC) power in data centres has long been an option, but the jury is still out on whether the downsides are worth it. This year, the industry is studying whether a direct current power topology is more energy efficient than traditional alternating-current (AC) power, and if so, whether the potential risks and expenses associated with it can be mitigated enough to make DC a truly viable data centre power choice.

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