NAS power for optimal business operations at Seventymm

A look at how Indian movie rental service Seventymm leverages network-attached storage (NAS) and direct attached-storage (DAS) for its booming business.

IT has proved to be the backbone of Indian movie rental service Seventymm Services Private Ltd's booming services. One of India's largest organized movie rental services with a presence in three Indian metros, Seventymm has leveraged IT efficiently for its online movie rental portals and backend processes.

Today, Seventymm's total subscriber base of over 1,50,000 (at the time of writing) and the content generated as a result are handled by the implementation of a network-attached storage (NAS) solution from Adaptec. Seventymm's data center is hosted in Netmagic's facility in Bengaluru, and the servers use a direct-attached storage solution.

Seventymm leverages the NAS solution for its Bengaluru office's in-house content requirements for centralized storage. "Our content and marketing teams require substantial storage capacity, and that's why we opted for a NAS. We use a file server-based setup, where users centrally store all their files on a NAS box. We have been using this solution since March 2008." says Rakeshkumar Karmakar, the IT manager of Seventymm. The organization uses Adaptec's Snap Server NAS solution, which has a capacity of 1.5 TB. Apart from that all the servers have dedicated internal storage capacities of 300 GB.

An approximate data growth of 5 GB per day is de facto in Seventymm's operations, and the current storage setup is capable enough to handle this requirement. The NAS runs on Seventymm's Ethernet network and is connected to a Windows-based server. Around 40 users access the NAS at present.

Seventymm uses a mix of DAS and tape-based methods for its data backups. "We take a data snapshot and put it on the Windows server. It's then transferred to our DAS in Netmagic's hosted data center. DDS-4 cartridges of 74 GB capacity are being used for our backups. A local HTML server connected to Windows is being used for email," explains Karmakar. Going forward, Seventymm plans to upgrade to a storage area network based solution.

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