2010 Review: Top 10 IT outsourcing stories

Outsourcing is a central part of many IT strategies and is set for further growth as the public sector looks to cut costs.

Outsourcing is a central part of many IT strategies and is set for further growth as the public sector looks to cut costs.

We look back at the top 10 IT outsourcing stories of 2010.

105 facts about government IT contracts that send shudders down your spine

As the government was going about its business of cutting costs, the Inside Outsourcing blog discussed a major report on IT projects that went wrong.

IBM HR shake-up could see 299,000 permanent staff jobs axed

IBM is considering cutting three-quarters of its 399,000 permanent staff in the next seven years and re-hiring them for projects as part of an HR strategy due to end in 2017.

The highs and lows of a life turned upside down by IT offshoring

This is a compilation of blog posts done by an IT worker that had his job offshored. The posts originally appeared one a week but here are all of them together.

Is offshoring making computer science graduates the largest unemployed group?

Increased use of offshore IT resources is reducing opportunities for UK IT graduates.

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How will suppliers cut government IT costs?

The government has told IT suppliers that it wants them to reduce the cost of contracts with government departments, but it could be the government that has to change the most.

German utility giant Eon agrees €3.2bn outsourcing spend with HP and T-Systems

In a sign that mega-deals are still alive, Computer Weekly broke news of German utility giant Eon signing a massive outsourcing contract.

Tories will limit number of foreign IT workers in the UK

The Conservatives said they would introduce a limit on the number of overseas IT workers allowed into the UK on intra-company transfers.

The solid facts about immigrant workers in the UK

As the government puts together its cap on immigration Inside Outsourcing gives readers the facts about labour immigration to the UK.

Well done Mahindra Satyam as the World Cup software achieves 100% uptime

It was good to see Satyam recover from the massive internal fraud that tainted its reputation. Its deal with FIFA to build and run the event management software for the 2010 World Cup was proof of its continued strength. This blog post links to a series of posts by the man at Mahindra Satyam in charge, written for the Inside Outsourcing blog.

What makes a great outsourcing agreement?

Outsourcing agreements are often controversial and people rarely sound like they are fully satisfied by what they get.

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