Download the final Firefox 4 beta

The final Firefox 4 beta is now ready to download and test.

The final Firefox 4 beta is now ready to download and test.

Mozilla has released final beta release, which features faster graphics rendering as well as start-up and page load times. Firefox also supports WebM format to enable HD-quality video, WebGL for 3D graphics, and multi-touch support for Microsoft's Windows 7.

In an announcement on the Mozilla blog, the company says the latest beta includes more than 7,000 bug fixes compared to the first beta release.

"We couldn't build Firefox 4 beta without the help of our millions of beta testers and their feedback, which we welcome as we work to deliver an awesome experience to the more than 400 million Firefox users worldwide," said Mozilla.

Mozilla's release manager, Christian Legnitto, confirmed that Firefox 4 beta 12 is the "last planned beta".

"It may be confusing that nightly builds after beta 12 identify themselves as version 2.0b13pre. The versioning is merely a product of automation. This does not mean we are having a beta 13," he said.

Mozilla is also working with the developer community to make sure Firefox add-ons are compatible with the features, look and functionality of the latest beta.

Download Firefox 4 beta here.

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