Tool enables automatic coding of legal documents

Autonomy has developed a tool it claims can speed up eDiscovery.

Autonomy has developed a tool it claims can speed up eDiscovery.

The module, called Autonomy Meaning Based Coding uses the company's patented concept-based pattern recognition technology to watch and learn how legal teams code documents during the review process to understand the coding decisions.

Autonomy says this understanding enables Meaning Based Coding to use the concepts legal reviewers search for and extrapolates this to automatically analyse and code remaining documents to prioritise them for review by the legal team.

According to Autonomy the software understands what information is relevant after it has processed the first document in a batch and can either automatically code remaining documents for a prioritized second tier review or suggest coding for the lawyer reviewing the documents.

For measuring accuracy, it can also be used to review samples of documents that have been reviewed manually.

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