The IT Blog Awards 2009 winners

Did Stephen Fry win Twitter user of the year? Who’s the 2009 blogger of the year? All these questions have been answered.

The Blog Awards 2009 ceremony, in association with IBM, was held at Shoreditch house in London.

Below you will find a list of the winners and runners up as weel as a slideshow.

Videos and photos will go up shortly.





  • CIO/IT director
    Winner: Capgemini – CTO Blog
    Runner up: CIO Blog – Peter Birley

  • IT consultant and analyst
    Winner: ITP Report – Alim Ozcan report
    Runner up: The IT Skeptic


  • Individual IT professional male
    Winner: Steve Clayton - Geek in disguise
    Runner up: TechHead
  • Individual IT professional female
    Winner: Flynny’s blog - EMC Consulting
    Runner up: A girl’s guide to Project Management


  • Company/corporate: large enterprise
    Winner: Technology blog - Capgemini
    Runner up: TechCrunch


  • Company/corporate: SMEs
    Winner: Girls’n’Gadgets
    Runner up: The Symbian blog


  • Project management (including methodologies, e.g. Agile)
    Winner: A girl’s guide to Project management
    Runner up: ZDNet – IT project failures – Michael Krigsman


  • Sustainable and green IT
    Winner: Greenbang
    Runner up: Kate Craig-Wood – Kate’s Comment


  • IT security
    Winner: Graham Cluley’s Blog Sophos
    Runner up: Countermeasures


  • Open source in business
    Runner up: ComputerWorld UK – Open Enterprise


  • IT Twitter user of the year
    Winner: @gcluley
    Runners up: @stephenfry and @rickmans


Best of the Best 2009

Winner: Graham Cluley’s Blog Sophos

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