PayPal to build a software developer community

Online payments service PayPal has launched a platform to enable software developers...

Online payments service PayPal has launched a platform to enable software developers to integrate PayPal in other applications.

The platform, known as PayPal X, will for example enable developers to embed the PayPal system with other applications such as social networks.

This approach has been successful for companies such as Apple. Apple's App Store software catalogue has 100,000 applications developed by third parties available to iPhone users.

PayPal, which is a subsidiary of Ebay, hopes to increase demand by making the services available in more places.

A PayPal spokesperson said it has committed to opening up to developers and PayPal X is now available.

Gareth Lodge, analyst at TowerGroup, said: “It is an interesting move because if PayPal can get the right people to develop the right things it can increase traffic.”

He said developers used to working with social media applications could bring PayPal into contact with more people.

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