Infosys sees double digit growth for the year


Infosys sees double digit growth for the year

Karl Flinders

Indian IT services company Infosys has increased sales by almost 16% in its latest financial year and expects the next year to see growth of about 10%.

Infosys made sales worth about $7bn in the whole year.

Despite a tough final three months of the year, with sales falling just over 1% to $1.8bn compared to the previous quarter, Infosys added 52 customers.

But the company, which employs about 150,000 people globally, is at the centre of controversy in relation to allegations that it broke the rules in regard to business visas in the US.

According to The Times of India a former consultant for the firm, Jay Palmer, alleged that Infosys could just as easily have found local IT workers to do what they were bringing foreigners in to do at a fraction of the cost.

Infosys said the "allegations make for an interesting story, but it is not the facts."


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