Can flash memory survive a washing machine cycle?

Flash drives are a godsend for moving around large amounts of data in a small and convenient format.

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Flash drives are a godsend for moving around large amounts of data in
a small and convenient format.

But those diminutive qualities mean it is all too easy to leave memory sticks in clothes that can end up in the washing machine. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, according to memory stick maker Swissbit, which recently posted a couple of e-mails
from forgetful users on its website.

Mark Webb from Ireland told the tale of his Swissmemory Cirruswhite, which had accidentally spent six weeks in his washing machine without sustaining any damage.

“I had really started to miss my Cirruswhite,” said Webb, “when I finally found it in the rubber seal of my washing machine. I’d already given up on it, but I allowed it to dry all the same, since it contained important data. When I tried it again after it had dried off and connected it to my PC I was more than just a little surprised. It was immediately recognised and every bit of data was still on it.”

Meanwhile Swiss businessman Martin Maurer is another customer who subjected his memory stick to washing machine stress testing – unintentionally, of course. He said, “Unfortunately, my 1Gbyte stick ended up in the 40-degree wash recently. Amazingly, after having been carefully dried, the stick performed its duties on the Mac as well as on the PC without any problems or data loss.”

Well, that’s one way to clean your data.



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